Tuning can be done from the tuning menu from the home screen. The tuned parts can not be used in the Unmodified Series. Upgrades with an * behind it unlock further Race Options.

Exhaust Edit

Stock Sports Racing
1200 Cr 3000 Cr

Increases the airflow, witch outputs more horsepower.

Engine Edit

Stock Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
4500 Cr 9000 Cr 15,000 Cr

Increase the engine power. Not all upgrades are available to all cars.

Transmission Edit

Stock Sports Racing*
3750 Cr 6000 Cr

Racing transmissions are more agressive, which results in quicker gear changes. However, when shifted at the wrong speed, it locks up the wheels.

Tires Edit

Street Sports Semi-slick Slick
4000 Cr 15,000 Cr 20,000 Cr

From left to right: better grip.

Brakes Edit

Stock Sports Racing*
3500 Cr 4200 Cr

Increase braking efficiency.

Turbo / supercharger Edit

Stock Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
6000 Cr 10,000 Cr 15,000 Cr 20,000 Cr

Add HP's. Not all upgrade stages are available to all cars.

Suspension Edit

Stock Sports Racing*
3000 Cr 7500 Cr

Improve the car's stability in corners.

Weight reduction Edit

Stock Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
5000 Cr 7500 Cr 10,000 Cr

Improve the car's agility.

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