Time TrialsEdit

Name Length "Touchable" apexes Notes Release
AR Official Raceway 3330 m 6 The easiest track in the game. Perfect for getting to know your new car. Used for Test Drive.
Blue City 2300 m 5 Bumps make the car's behavior in corners unpredictable.
Yamagata Circuit 2780 m 7
Forest Path 3830 m 6
Arines Ring 8830 m 7 The longest track in the game, and features all types of corners. 8 Oct 2016 (1.1.0)
Waldorf  ? 13 (normal)
11 (reverse)
Tricky corners. Apex touches are relatively very easy to achieve. 4 Mar 2017 (1.6.0)
Tsukuba Circuit ? 8 One of the few real life circuits on the game, Tsukuba is a short track. Apex touches are quite easy to get. 10 Oct


Drift Points Edit

Name Length Notes Release
Docks n/a Complete freedom. 8 Aug 2016 (1.0.16)
Ebisu Drift Stadium  ? A fun, small drift track. 24 Nov 2016 (1.4.0)
Sportsland Yamanashi  ? Narrow roads and angled corners guarantee scratches on beginner's cars, but are extra fun for experienced drifters. 24 Nov 2016 (1.4.0)
Touge 3750~3800 m A beautiful public road through the mountains. Looks easier than it is. Touge is the only track in the game that's not a circuit. 24 Nov 2016 (1.4.0)

Free Run exclusives Edit

Name Length Notes Release
Test Course 3780 m This track has the longest straight parts of any track in the game. It can be used to simply drive fast. Used in Braking tests.
Circle Course 300 m Perfect for learning how to drift. Used in two License Tests
Docks n/a Perfect for learning how to control your car at high speed. No height differences. 8 Aug 2016 (1.0.16)
Airport n/a A big map that has parking lots great for tandems, and a long airstrip good for drag racing, and achieving top speed. 12 March 2018


Meihan C Course Unknown September 2018 (1.27.2)