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TVR Cerbera
Power880 ~ 1115 hp
Weight1060 ~ 1100 kg
Acceleration~3 seconds
Buying priceSelling price
1090 Pc
60,000 Cr

The TVR Cerbera Speed 12 is an exotic sports car made in England. It is one of the fastest cars on all tracks. (2nd to Viper ACR)[1]

The Cerbera has a top speed of +399km/h when it is fully upgraded on slick tires.

When fully upgraded, it has over 1100hp and weighs 1000-1100kg.

The Cerbera was the first car released in an update that can only be bought with Premium Currency.


It is the most powerful car in the game in it's stock/untuned configuration. It is powered by a 7.7L V12 engine. This road version was built and homologated for TVR to compete in GT1 class races, although largely built out of spares for the race version, to save time and costs.

Currently only 1 road version exists in real life.


It has very snappy handling and can spin out by snap oversteer, if not careful. Though it is quite an ideal drift machine as well as being a track-day monster. It lacks downforce in comparison to the Viper ACR though.


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