NissanSilvia S15 AR EditionS
File:Nissan Silvia S15 AR Edition.png
Power471 hp
Weight1240 kg
Acceleration5.2 s
Braking2.5 s
Buying priceSelling price

The S15 Silvia AR Edition is a special car achieved by watching all video advertorials.

Stats Edit

The stock statistics are the same as the standard Nissan Silvia S15. However, the unmodified version is in the S class, and has upgrades installed by default. This means that Race Options for the transmission, suspension, and brakes are available in Unmodified Series.

The AR Edition does not come with any tires other than street tires.

  • Exhaust: Racing
  • Brakes: Racing
  • Engine: Stage 1
  • Turbo: Stage 2
  • Transmission: Racing
  • Suspension: Racing
  • Tires: Street
  • Weight reduction: Stock

Cosmetic Edit

The Silvia AR is the only car that uses a two-tone paint job. The base color is dark green, and the color in which the logo is painted can be customized.

The car features a custom spoiler, a hood with vents, one exhaust instead of two, a custom body kit for the grill and minor changes to the mudguards.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

You don't get any Cr. for selling the car, so it's not recommended to do that.