Race Series is the main game mode, the other being License Tests. It features the driver completing laps, of which the fastest one will be measured. Per pool, a time has to be beaten in order to get rewarded by trophies.

  • Bronze: beat the time.
  • Silver: bronze + touch the required number of apexes.
  • Gold: bronze + silver + don't crash or get off the track.
Race Series
Unmodified Series One lap, rolling start (100 km/h). Any upgrades, including tires, will be disabled and there are no tuning options to your car. The only setting available are car options such as ABS and Traction Control.

Divided into three pools:

Modified Series Standard customizable races. Divided into three pools:
Drift Points In the Drift Points mode, several drift tracks are available to test your skills on. While drifting, points will be counted. Crashing or going off road will reset these points. If your drift is long enough, your are eligible for a combo - making a drift the other way. After three seconds of not drifting (and not crashing), these points will be added to your score.

See also project:Drifting Guide

Free Run All other tracks, with two extra tracks: Test Course and Circle Course.
Drag Series Spoiler: Will be added in-game later this year. For now it will be a 1/2 mile strip. Along with this, a new bonus car will be added in the same update. As the other series, it will be divided into three pools:

Series reward will be the new bonus car. Okay i'm done spoiling. :)